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The workshop

The Oyster Knife

Inspired by the oyster expertise of the Bassin de Thau, Le Petit Jouteur was born in our cutlery workhops in La Boissière, France.

Before being presented to you in its quality and eco-responsible packaging, our shellfish professionals will run scrupulous tests before presenting the finalized products to you at Christmas time.

The development carried out in our workshops combines both the originality of its shape and ergonomics to its practicality and robustness.

Traditional Manufacturing

Our quest for perfection leads us to select our partners based on their historical skills. This is why our blades and leathers come from the Aveyron.

The hardening of the blades is being done in Thiers.

The hand finished details, unique and solid wood from our forests, scrubland for strength, as well as traditional riveting make our oyster knives unique pieces made in France.

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